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It's that time of year again... 
06:37pm 09/01/2008
  It is once again the time of year when proposed rule changes are on the table for the activity we all know and love as DCI. Here they are:

Use of double panel of General Effect judges
Age requirements (for 2009 implementation)
Use of water in a corps' production (for 2009 implementation)
Show timing (for 2009 implementation)
Amplification for brass instruments (for 2009 implementation)
Use of electronic instruments (for 2009 implementation)
Elimination of Percussion 2 judge
Sound board operators (for 2009 implementation)
Use of narration in a corps' program (for 2009 implementation)
Use of electronic amplication in a corps' program (for 2009 implementation)

To see them in full, check out:

So, what do you think?

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Not here to steal from this Community 
08:12pm 02/11/2007
  Just giving a shout out to my fellow male guardies...  I've just made a guy guard LJ, for my fellow brethren.... Please feel free to join and post!


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08:15pm 09/09/2007
  Has any Guardies used this golve yet???? Please any info/411 will be great. Thanks ~Phoenix


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This year's ESPN2 broadcast 
07:37pm 06/09/2007
  So... what'd you think of this year's DCI World Championships broadcast on ESPN2? I think that it's definitely getting better and better each year.  

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04:11pm 18/08/2007
mood: tired
So I'm totally new to not only this community, but to this livejournal thing.

I wanted to get away from the myspaces and facebooks of the internet and come to something a little more simple [hopefully] where I could just put up blogs.  

As I said, pretty new to all this.
Cant wait for the finals to be aired. My drill writer was out in CA for the show then came home and wrote drill for us all night. =]

great guy.

I love the bluecoats, bluedevils, and carolina crowns.
I'm trying out for the crowns next summer.
I'm a guardie and I love their guard.

I guess.
I dunno.
I need to stop procrastinating.

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12:59am 12/08/2007
  And the scores are in!
1. Blue Devils - 98.0
2. The Cadets - 97.025
3. The Cavaliers - 96.35
4. Phantom Regiment - 94.85
5. Santa Clara Vanguard - 94.175
6. Carolina Crown - 94.15
7. Bluecoats - 94.05
8. Blue Knights - 90.275
9. Boston Crusaders - 89.1
10. The Colts - 86.15
11. Glassmen - 85.75
12. Spirit of JSU - 84.5

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07:45pm 10/08/2007
mood: bored
Hey My name is Paula, I'm new to this community. I just joined today and this is my first post! I don't know how often people write in here or read this, but I was looking for a place to discuss DCI and meet cool people. So I guess I'll strike up a topic and see if anyone bites...did anyone catch the quarter-finals last night and if so, what was your thoughts on the whole George Hopkins calling the Cadets off the field thing?

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09:51pm 05/08/2007
  Any one hit Drums Along the Rockies a couple of weekends ago? Any chance there's pics? I was stuck in clinic and I'm dying to see some BK love...  

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08:47am 20/07/2007
  Anyone attend the North Texas Fesitval of Drums and Bugles last night?  

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11:07pm 11/07/2007
  Not asking for a free download or anything, but does anyone know where I could find a recording of a corps (any corps) playing Tennessee Waltz, either in a show or just a piece? This place is dead lately, so how 'bout them cavies?  

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The Cavaliers: Icons and Banners 
03:00pm 29/06/2007
  Had a spare afternoon and a few too many extra clips of The Cavaliers; I thought I would put them to good use and offer them up instead of stashing them away.

x-posted to various other drum corps/icons communities

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Random question for a slow Tuesday... 
03:24pm 26/06/2007
mood: curious
To those of you who attend DCI shows as fans... has anyone ever tailgated or seen others tailgating? Just a random thought I had... I'm not even (necessarily) talking about with alcohol or anything, but getting in early and firing up a grill with a coupla friends and catching lot warmups would be kinda cool. Just curious if anyone had done such, seen such done, or knew if it was even legal (I'd imagine rules vary as they do for various college/NFL venues?)

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05:19pm 18/04/2007
  "It has been said that what truly defines a person is not how they fall, but
rather what they do after they fall. On Monday April 16th 2007 a terrible
tragedy befell the Hokie Nation.
It would be easy to drown in fear, anger,
and sorrow, but the Hokies have not. Students, faculty, staff, alumni, and
family members on campus and across the world have gathered strength from
each other and risen above anger and fear. The sorrow remains but is now
tempered with hope and pride. On Friday the Hokie Nation is calling for all
its members as well as the world to don maroon and orange for a global
Maroon and Orange Effect Day. Show your support for VT by wearing either or
both of these colors of Friday April 20th.

The Marching Virginians are deeply sorrowed by the loss of fellow MV and friend, Ryan "Stack" Clark.

It's small actions like that that remind us that we are all connected...

With Pride...

~Nicholas J. McKenzie
University of Masscahusetts Minuteman Marching Band

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10:08pm 02/02/2007
mood: artistic
I absolutely CANNOT stop listening to The Crossmen's 2002 opener "Heat of the Day". Does anyone out there know of any other corps' playing that particular song during a show? I looked but couldn't find anything. Help!


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Clash of Styles 
04:22pm 24/01/2007
mood: nerdy
So this weekend is the DCI Winter Meetings down in Atlanta. As I'm sure many of you know, it's also the weekend of the Honda Battle of the Bands at the Georgia Dome. Think any of the DCI bigwigs'll get off Saturday afternoon to sneak on by Honda? Definitely a 180 in terms of style, but I'd like to think the best of the best from each side have respect for the other. And it'll definitely be a packed house in the Georgia Dome for a marching-related activity!


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DCI Rules--Proposed Changes 
04:44pm 04/01/2007
mood: curious
There are some new rules up on the chopping block for possible incorporation into DCI. The proposals are as follows:

Extension of warm-up time
Raise membership limit to 150
Prop persons not included in membership limit
Inclusion of electronic instruments
Position of visual performance judge
Ordinals decide placement at contests
Overall effect judges
Percussion adjudication
Score sheets 1
Score sheets 2
Full set of rules proposals

You can read them at length at http://www.dci.org/rules. What do you think about them?

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Happy Holidays! 
04:25pm 25/12/2006
  Have Yourself a Merry Little Drum Corps Christmas!  

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Cavalier's new show... 
03:05am 30/11/2006
  Who else was a little surprised by the show concept for The Cavaliers? That gave me a double take when I read "Billy Joel." Any thoughts? Ideas? Has anyone found out what the Phantom's show is this year? All I heard was something about "On Air."  

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10:16pm 01/11/2006
  Hey, I'm trying out for Carolina Crown this upcoming season on Mellophone. I'm just seeing who all is going to be there for High Brass.  

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Cavaliers Atlanta Audition 
08:04pm 17/10/2006
  Is anyone from here going to be at the Cavies' ATL audition this december? I'll be going out the front ensemble.  

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